Luxury Eco-Fashion. What is It?

The concept of luxury eco-fashion to maybe most people in this world, is a something people struggle to fathom and imagine.  And yet here we are writing a post to decode a concept and idea most people vaguely grasp (sometimes us included).

Luxury eco-fashion.  Quite simply put, it is literally eco-friendly fashion that is of high taste and quality.  We know that immediately you feel that the concept in itself is very foreign and your mind just can't accept what you just read.   We have in our minds ingrained that eco-friendly is not luxurious, neither is it a form of high or quality value.  That stigma is something we are set out to change.

The brands and designers we support and promote, each have a unique point of view and process, each in its own merit luxurious and of course sustainable.  From artisan made fabrics, hand-dyed processes to using materials that are organic, recycled, and chemical free, a few of the ways our family of brands and designers bring luxury and sustainability to you.

As we continue to grow, as a brand and as a business, we want to continue being transparent in our daily endeavors and efforts.  Luxury eco-fashion is an idea, a concept, and a belief that will continue to grow and evolve as we ourselves grow and evolve.