CLaudia Magrina

Do you dare to see the world inside out?

CLaudia Magrina
Do you dare to see the world inside out?

For many people the idea of oing inverted postures during a yoga session can trigger a fear response. However, for most people who practice the discipline, seeing the world upside down is natural. Clearly, the way to get to these positions is built with time, effort and even some falls through several attempts.

Inverted postures require strength, control and balance, qualities that are worth cultivating, both in our yoga practice and in our daily life, so one should not rush to achieve them. Although one of the matrices of yoga is calm, relaxation and good sense, it is deceiving to think that we can master the postures without having trained much before the balance, the breathing, a slow reconstruction and integrity.


There is a wide variety of asanas or inverted postures, some are very simple, others more complex, but always with alternatives to facilitate learning. The important thing is to trust in the ability to perform them. With fear and lack of confidence we should not risk doing them.

The inverted postures are recommended to be done after a previous warm up. This is why they usually occupy the end of a Yoga session.


And you will wonder why these positions, what benefits do they have, why they are so important in Yoga. Well, we will name some of the most important benefits of the asanas, for all those who are ready to start trying!

-       See the world from another perspective. Head is the seat of conceptualization, the analytical and the discursive mind. The inverted positions of yoga help to reverse this domain and see the world from different angles, reversing the normal order of things.

-       Strengthen the cervical, increase the irrigation of the skull and balance the hormonal system. The pressure from the chin to the sternum acts on the thyroid glands, responsible for the regulation of temperature, body weight and energy levels.

-       Improve blood circulation. Going against gravity helps the venous return, which is based on muscle movement and gravity to give movement to the blood.

-       They have a very important draining effect on the pelvic and abdominal organs. It helps to strengthen muscles that, especially in women, we must consider exercise.

-       Perform inverted yoga postures helps remove all blocked energies to move in several directions and achieve rebalancing them together. They help to relax once they have mastered. Staying in these postures reduces muscle tension, anxiety and even insomnia.


And remember, it is not so relevant the level of difficulty you are in but to start and get better day after day. The constancy in yoga is important. Trust yourself, train and you will see that the fear that by definition accompanies the asanas is, as we say, a mere definition.