CLaudia Magrina

How to make the most of Valentine's day

CLaudia Magrina
How to make the most of Valentine's day

The most romantic day of the year is coming and all this pressure is probably scratching your heads over how to celebrate it. Find here some unique Valentine’s Day ideas that might help you have the special touch you are looking for. 

Best gift here is time, spend the day with your love and do something special.

1. Breakfast in bed with a comfy but elegant pyjama.

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2. A perfect new lingerie set for the occasion: Feeling radiant on the inside is important to start the day divine. Perhaps some recommendations here can help.

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3. Morning around the city with a tandem bike. A romantic activity that will prove your rapport skills

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4. Cozy lunch in a small romantic restaurant you choose.


5. Afternoon at a spa – Enjoy an afternoon of pampering in a luxury spa. Select an indulgent treatment and access to all the spa’s facilities, enjoying the saunas and relaxing steam rooms.


The day must end with a surprise, let him surprise you with the restaurant and surprise him with a special outfit.