Almasanta, a believe in a better future's planet.

Almasanta, a believe in a better future's planet.

NEW YEAR, NEW CHALLENGE.  When January arrives, we always tend to embrace it as the perfect time to reflect about our lives. It’s time to balance what makes us happy and what we want to change, set new life goals and shift our behaviour to become the human being that we aim to be.

Something very present in our daily choices is the clothes we decide to wear. And here comes a relevant decision we have to face, since it is well known that the fashion industry’s philosophy sometimes clashes with the consumer ethics. Hence, Almasanta arises in the fashion scope to help you achieve your moral purposes by bringing the sustainable fashion closer to you, which matches your preferences and fashion trends with your ethical values.

In Almasanta, we strongly believe in a better future for our planet.  We strive day by day to change the way the world conceives fashion nowadays. This is the main reason why sustainability is written in our DNA. We have moved away from the current linear economy, driven by the permanent motivation to consume. The “take”, “make”, “dispose” model of production does not represent our spirit, not either our way of working. We are moving towards a circular economy model that consists on a regenerative system in which resource inputs and waste, emission, and energy leakage are minimised by slowing, narrowing material and energy loops. This can only be achieved through well selected long-lasting designs, remanufactured and recycled fabrics.

Our keys to get 360º sustainability?


How we do it?

We offer the finest selection of brands, each one characterized by a unique storytelling perfectly aligned with at least one of our 8 pillars of commitment:


Brands that produce in certified local workshops respecting the strict production regulations of each country.


Production processes that guarantee a reduced use of resources like energy and water and a low impact on pollution.


Artisans that handcraft every single product making it one- of-a-kind and unique.


Transparent and respectful brands seeking equality in international trade.


Natural and organic fibres reduce the environmental impact during the production process.


Brands that develop projects for social integration.


Brands that source raw materials and produce in the same areas or countries in order to reduce their footprint and benefit the local economy.


Why not giving a second chance to the fibers? Recycling includes the use of recycled materials or vintage clothing reinvented for modern times.

In an increasingly digitalized world, it’s really hard to judge authenticity. That’s why in Almasanta we work delivering transparency, playing the role of building trust between the organization and the costumer, as well as between the organization and our employees. We are providing you with the fashion alternative that fits your ethical choices along with your preferences in fashion trends.

Are you ready to take a step towards a better world?

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