Almasanta in Berlin: Fashion Talk

Last week we had the pleasure to be invited in the Soho House Berlin to talk about sustainability in the fashion industry. Our Co-founder and CEO, Claudia M. Monaco gave the following keynote around the subject of sustainable fashion. In it she pointed out the impossible dichotomy of the fashion industry, and put forward a new way of thinking about fashion and our relationship with our clothes, how are they made and the need of information.

Almasanta wanted to inspire to do something through global warning facts such as: “They need 2.650 liters of water to produce a t-shirt” or that “the fashion industry is the second industry that contaminates the most just behind the petroleum industry”.The tremendous risk of climate change, the fresh water crisis, biological resources, desertification, the increasing air, water and soil contamination are all alarming issues. In addition, consumers demand more knowledge on what is lying behind the product they buy.

All too often, there is a debate talking in length about a dress, jeans or a jacket can be dismissed as frivolous, but this year has shown how it can be incredibly powerful to discuss, in detail, every single item of clothing we wear. Sustainability is becoming a trend and due to is relatively new concept, they asked us to clarify what exactly mean.Does it mean environment? Does it mean human rights? Does it mean ethics? Local production? The answer is that it means all these things and more. It relates to a desire to encourage consumers to consume with a conscience. Despite a very real desire to do the right thing, in many ways consuming with a conscience is very difficult due to the lack of information.

The term sustainability implies that the consumer society consumes less, or perhaps pays more to get things. As we move into the future, the context for brands is changing irrevocably. The relationship between consumers and their choice of brands has fundamentally shifted. The need for differentiation is ever more important, as is the requirement to create brands that fulfil the new consumer’s exacting principles and standards: brands that do what they say, or preferably more than they say. We believe that sustainability offers a chance to reconstruct brands and to create a new value system.

With the introduction of almasanta, they were fascinated about the history behind each brand that joins almasanta´s family. From the 60 brands that we have, the brands Re/Done, Serpui or Lemlem, were the most claimed by the crowded room. Because they have a beautiful history or they are fashion and trendy. However, all of them agreed on one thing: Quality! This is our ADN and sustainability, quality and fashion are our values.  

During the talk we saw the interest and change of mentality of the consumers, sustainability is becoming a trend and we want to be part of that change!