ONExONE Campaign

With the order of one Fab Himalaya scarf from our website you are contributing, with Comtal Foundation, to give scarfs to vulnerable children from Barcelona. 

What is exactly ONE x ONE Campaign?

Christmas means sharing with our loved ones, without forgetting those who need it the most. For this reason, for each scarf Fab Himalaya sold on our website during the Winter Campaign, almasanta will give another scarf to a child supervised by the Comtal Foundation. 


Comtal Foundation is located on Barcelona. They believe that all children should have the opportunity of fulfill their life project without being limited by the context in which they were born. That's why they promote education and social insertion of 100 child and young people in a vulnerable situation. During 2015-2016, they attend 2.417 children, young people, and families, a 1,3% more than last year.

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Their activities are welcome and accompaniment to children from 8 to 14 years old that cannot be with their families, support schooling and education in the free time, work for the empowerment of families in the educational process of their sons and daughters, committed to promoting the training of young people who neither study nor work through different processes and with a methodology that combines training, professional guidance and community service, favor the social integration of the people who need it by defending and, at the same time, making known their rights and duties, based on free legal guidance on labor law, immigration and housing, and last but not least, insert young people into employment through community actions and improvement of the city's environment.

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Fab Himalaya scarves are Handmade Tibetan pashmina microjaquard finished with handmade embroidery. The brand is a women-led cooperative based in the Western Himalayan area of India. Fab Himalaya specialize in traditional hand-woven skills unique to the region and the communities living within it. Fab Himalaya's highly skill artisans use the highest quality, organic and environmentally friendly products using natural fibre, vegetable color dye. Working within thee highly impoverished communities, Fab Himalaya provides vital source of income as well as preserving these highly intricate traditional skills & skills training.

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Thank you for giving smiles!

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