Alejandra Magriña


Alejandra Magriña

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There’s something about Berlin that gives the impression of being at the forefront of sustainability. In life, in food, in fashion – which might be due to its modernist society. We wanted to know more about it so we met up with Fair-a-porter founder Alexandra Bohn while we were there last month.

Fair-a-porter is a platform that promotes, encourages and explores sustainability in fashion and beyond while offering a curated selection of ethical fashion and beauty products. As a fashion journalist who works for renowned publications like Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Quarterly, Die Zeit and Vanity Fair it comes at no surprise that Alexandra has created an editorial experience that resembles the one of a smart fashion glossy. Readers can find inspiring brand stories, receive shopping tipps and discover the latest trends from a range of sustainable and transparent fashion labels. With a keen eye on high-end fashion trends and her natural curiosity Alexandra is set to tell the story about each fashion piece she selects for Fair-a-porter and educate her readers about the ethical aspect of clothing. Find out more about this remarkable woman and her mission in our Q&A!

Credits: Jennifer Endom

Credits: Jennifer Endom



ABOUT ALEX BOHN | Founder of Fair-a-porter

Credits: Anna Rosa Krau represented by Klaus Stiegemeyer

Credits: Anna Rosa Krau represented by Klaus Stiegemeyer

What brought you to Berlin and Fashion?

I came to Berlin for college and university and found it a good base to explore the world from. Growing up with a mostly absent artist-mom, fashion (glossies) were my go-to source for all things feminine from a very young age on. Fashion (and my lovely dad) raised me.

How would you describe your personal style?

Efficient but sweet. A Northern light.

What was the reason you decided to start Fair-a-porter?

I love fashion: The fashion weeks with their fresh-faced models, creative designers and glamorous collections. But I’ve grown weary of medias’ tendency to focus only on this particular narrative, while forgetting to share the story of the people who produce the fashion we love with their own hands - often facing adverse working conditions. I wanted to tell fashions’ multifaceted story and provide a platform only for companies that care about transparent and ethical production.

What’s the biggest challenge for sustainable fashion in your opinion?

To prove what should be obvious: It’s no less fashionable than conventional fashion.

Which item could you be wearing 24/7 at the moment?

My ATP Atelier Sun Suede Ankle Boots.

Berlin’s style in three words?

Self-sufficient, unconventional, carefree, if slightly self-conscious.

Last minute travel tips for non-Berliners?

The Spa at the Stue Hotel for its cozy sauna and great spa featuring Susanne Kaufmann’s organic beauty line, Ryong for home-made Vietnamese spelt noodles that get you through the cold and Neue Nationalgalerie for a one-on-one with Caspar David Friedrich amongst other masterpieces.


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