The New Era

The New Era

Eco Fashion, Ethic, Sustainable, Green, …what does sustainability mean? Some of the brands have introduced in their DNA some of the sustainable requirements such as recyclable, organic cotton, fair trade, etc. However, what happens with the other brands? We are living in a fast fashion system, is it possible to transform the way of production? Are we changing the rules? 

At present, the business environment is aligning sustainability strategies with its business strategies in all its scope with the purpose of perpetuating its business model. Related to fashion, the improvement of environmental practices is carried out in response to the limits of natural resources. So far, sustainability has seen as the green subject of companies, for reducing energy and waste or supporting some worthy community cause. But today the term is getting more relevance. 

In April 2003 the collapse of the Rana Plaza building on the outskirts of the Bangladesh, in which more than a thousand-people died, called into question the policies in corporate social responsibility that the giants of the distribution of fashion communicated in their memories of sustainability. This tragedy once again exposed the sciences of the supply chain of the large groups in the sector and in the field of the labour security of its suppliers.

We should think about that, “When a consumer is paying 7€ for a t-shirt, are they paying the cost of production? The big fashion companies are doing sustainable campaigns such as conscious collection “H&M”, Nike, Inditex, ASOS, Gap or Adidas to introduce the sustainable term in mass market because they cannot integrate all operations.

At almasanta, we support the brands that have sustainability in their DNA, which at least comply with 1 of our 8 pillars: handmade, organic, Fairtrade, recycle, certified, ecological, local production and social integration. These brands are positioned at the opposite end of the large multinationals, which have a business model based on the constant rotation of merchandise and, consequently, the permanent motivation to consume and discard. 

“We want to change the way world sees fashion.”