Skin & Else Lingerie

When it comes to dressing, most of us don’t give a second thought to our undergarments.  We usually pull our favorite thongs or panties in our weekly rotation and make sure our bras match and we carry on with our day.  We never stop to think that these pieces, though small and seemingly insignificant, are important.  They support us throughout the day and also give us the boost of confidence when we need it.

Skin founder and designer Susan Beischel created Skin as a result of her need to have long lasting clothes that was comfortable, sustainable, and felt just like your own skin.  Beischel not only uses sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, but applied sustainability into her business.  She is always thinking about cause and effect, the bottomline, how a choice or a decision can affect a single to a larger part of the business.  When asked about pushing sustainable fashion agenda, Beischel believes to just offer and make it, and people will come.  

Just as Beischel holds herself and company to a high standard, ELSE founder Ela Onur joins her in craftsmanship and sustainability.  Onur's beginnings stem from a family line of artisans and designers in lingerie.  Her upbringing, expertise, and vision naturally led her to create ELSE.  ELSE lingerie is a meticulously realized vision of timeless design and attention to detail.  Each piece is handcrafted and produced in its own Istanbul-based atelier, ensuring each piece is special and of fine quality.

Each of these designers bring life, attention, and craftsmanship to an overlooked aspect of every woman's life.  Our lingerie and undergarments are the first thing we slip on and last thing taken off every day, let's remember to pay homage to the little things that support us throughout our day.

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