The goal of DL1961 was to give everyone the perfect fitting jeans.  In September 2008 they launched with XFIT LYCRA for the perfect fitting jean in mind.  All DL1961 jeans are made and crafted with technologically advanced fibers that will never lose shape, sag, or drag.  In addition to the original XFIT LYCRA, they’ve added 4 additional fibers and fabrics to their family of technologically smart fibers.

Part of DL1961’s secret is their fabric.  Their fabric generally takes half the time, energy, and dye to produce their denim.  And each fabric is comprised of ethically sourced cotton, eco-friendly modal/tencel fibres from a botanical plant, mild elastane, and hybrid elastane.

Recently they teamed up with celebrity, entrepreneur, and mother Jessica Alba.  Jessica Alba, being a huge denim lover, released a Spring/Summer collection and just this August a Fall collection.  The collection is inspired by the Southern California style of taking a pair of jeans from day to night, providing versatility in each and every look.