We Are Almasanta

In a world filled with an oversaturated market of brands and companies with a market hungry for fast fashion, we all forget the genuine craftsmanship and process it takes to bring a simple piece of clothing to life.  We now live in an age where even high-fashion brands offer their clothing straight off the runway just to feed our need of "I have to have it NOW."

There is nothing wrong with wanting things at the immediate moment, but are we really praising the artisan, the couturier, the designer, the seamstress by wearing them now? The answer is, of course yes. But what we have done is given less importance to what makes their craft and process special and sacred.

At almasanta (yes, lowercase "A"), we are here to provide a unique experience. Connecting brands, known and emerging, who are committed to a sustainable creative process. We want to rebrand and reimagine how people see sustainable fashion and shopping into a word that we call luxury eco-fashion.

Luxury eco-fashion. How do you define that? Each designer and brand we partner with has their own creative process, some take as long as 3 months crafting fabrics with local Brazilian artisans to be used as luxurious dresses, while some commission cotton farmers in Turkey to grow the finest cotton poplin to be woven and cut into simple shirt dresses perfect for hot summer days.

There are many others who believe in our philosophy, but there will only be one true place for an experience that can only be known as luxury eco-fashion. Welcome to almasanta.